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Villa Number 40

In one of the beautiful street of Isfahan, Abshar St., you can reach to a area which name is BEHESHT (means Paradise in English).In this area there is one of the most beautiful, important and historical bridge of Iran, KHAJU BRIDGE. Walking on this bridge, especially at night can be one of the most memorable moments of your life. The night life on and around the bridge is also exciting. There are many bridges crossing Zayandeh Rood, but Pole Khaju is especially significant and is known the most beautiful bridges in Isfahan. Khaju Bridge has a linear spatial organization consisting of repeating a series of spaces that are approximately the same size, shape, and function. The middle spaces are proportional in length and width and play a key role. Proportion principle is an important factor in architecture that creates asymmetry and visual beauty. Pol-e Khaju is an example of this principle; a linear organization of repetitive spaces with the same function. There are 21 halls under the bridge, located separately from one another with the main middle space that connects them. The size and proportion of this middle space is designed in a way that it supplies the light as it provides visitors with the view from the two sides of the bridge. I decided to use Khaju Bridge’s middle part proportions to form the façade of the project, with white vertical bricks and a touch of wood to highlight the entrance, with wide large windows.

Same as the other buildings in this area, my client wants a two story building. He wants a very simple home and decoration without any show off, no duplex, with simple material, very simple plan, easy access for his guests and family , easy access for parties and serving food and … . This project has 2 main level and an underground level for parking, pool and watch man’s room. The first level is for usual living with one large master bedroom and two bedroom including walking closet and laundry. The second level is especially for parties and gathering with guest suit, kitchen, dining area, wide balcony and barbeque.

For me it is hard to convince someone who prefer complication, like simplicity and it is harder to work for someone who prefer simple and minimal forms.

To have maximum day light, fresh air, pleaser view and calm a cozy bedroom and sleep. The plans was divided in to three main part, Yard, Day and Night. Each part has three smaller division with very simple and direct access to different other parts. As a heart of the home kitchens was located near the southern window, between stairs case and living room to have the best air circulation and fresh air as well as day light with a sharp access to all parts of plan. Bedroom are located at the north part of plan near 2 large void to provide enough light, air and green. There are a large walking closet in each room. In both level there are an especial defined place for dining table.


Architecture and Interior design and execution by Amordad

Location : Isfahan/Iran

© 2020 by Kamran Koupaei 

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